Opinion on Cancer Treatment Centers of America

My opinion of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCoA) is that it's an exceedingly over-priced organization that promotes higher-than-average "success" rates based on unverified data. The sickest patients and those on Medicare are instantly turned away which inflates their statistics (Google it for more information).

My friend spoke with a CTCoA representative shortly after she was diagnosed in 2012 to get an idea of cost, she was told that they do work with many types of insurance but first they require $100,000 deposit into a kitty which would be used to reimburse their expenses not covered by your insurance. That was an immediate turn-off, she then asked how people come up with that kind of money and was told some borrow from friends and family, mortgage homes, or cash in retirement accounts.

One of the main knocks on the center (aside from cost) is that it gives patients a little too much power over their treatment...which can be a bad thing if they insist on holistic medicine rather than real treatments. It may make the patient feel better about control over their treatment, but that's not generally the best way to go about it. Though it's up to the patient no matter where you go, sometimes a doctor really should say "I'm not wanting to do that because you should be doing this"...and that's not CTCA's way as long as your bills are paid.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America spend $45million+ a year on marketing, and it shows- their name is EVERYWHERE. If you do have good insurance, they will take you as a patient, and they will run up as high a bill as they possibly can. They will provide the standard of care, at least, though sometimes do things strictly for billing purposes that would be considered unnecessary at other places. Their published survival rates for their patients are a complete and total scam, as they do nothing different from any other cancer provider.

I recommend seeing a local doctor for treatment recommendations and then request a 2nd opinion at a larger medical center/research hospital with a top-notch specialist in the type of cancer the patient has.