Uhhh, I don't think chrysotile dissolves in your lungs. The fibers in asbestos cause scar tissue, but at least it isn't as friable as other forms. There's really no safe dose, but one day of exposure is a pretty small dose. Mesothelioma has a long latency period (20-50 years) and the people who get it tend to work in industries with high daily exposure or have family members who do (presumably from handling their clothes, etc.). ...continue reading

mesothelioma is actually fairly more uncommon than lung adenocarcinoma in patients exposed to asbestos. So you're more at risk for a lung tumor than mesothelioma which is a tumor of the tissue surrounding the outside of the lung. I would just tell your doctor that you found out you had an exposure, which would just let them know to screen you better, such as an annual chest x-ray or perhaps a CT. ...continue reading